We are building the premier human enzyme company battling rare and devasting metabolic diseases.

We see untapped power in human enzymes and we are committed to finding new ways to deploy these therapeutic catalysts to address the underlying causes of disease. Grounded by our distinctive expertise in enzyme science, we are working with focus, purpose and efficiency to deliver transformative therapeutics for multiple diseases where enzyme approaches have not previously been considered.

Our team of protein engineers have developed a new generation of human enzyme therapeutics enhancing specific properties of existing enzymes or generating enzymes with novel activity.

Using our unique protein engineering expertise, we are reimagining the potential of human enzymes to deliver life-changing solutions.

Rare metabolic diseases are our primary focus and are prime targets for enzyme-based therapeutics. By engineering enzymes, we believe we can target the primary driver of these devastating diseases. Each of our development programs is purposely selected because of its potential to transform the lives of patients and their families who have few treatment options today.

We believe there are significant opportunities for enzyme innovation. Building on our work in pioneering new generations of enzyme-based medicines, we are on a mission to develop treatments addressing rare metabolic diseases that have been otherwise overlooked.

Specializing in Rare Metabolic Disorders