We take a focused approach to human enzyme therapies to bring about change for families with rare metabolic

At Aeglea, we believe that every patient deserves a chance at a better life. We are committed to helping people with rare and devastating metabolic diseases who have limited treatment options because having a rare disease doesn’t mean that you are in this fight alone.

We are building a pipeline of novel therapies designed to modulate the chemical imbalances that drive disease. In 2021, we announced achievement of the primary endpoint in our Phase 3 study of pegzilarginase in patients with Arginase 1 Deficiency. By leveraging our unique protein engineering expertise to develop human enzyme medicines, we aim to bring balance to the lives of patients and their families and create hope for a better tomorrow.

Our passionate and innovative team works every day to unlock the power of human enzymes for the patient communities we serve.


Since our launch, we’ve made consistent progress towards our goal of delivering life-changing medicines to patients with rare metabolic diseases.

Showing the Way